ŠKODA VISION E: ŠKODA Connect and infotainment: Occupants are ‘always online’ thanks to an integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and an LTE module

› Automatic Emergency Call and Breakdown Call at the push of a button
› Real-time navigation with alternative route suggestions
› Via the ŠKODA Connect portal, services can be configured from home computer
› The ŠKODA Connect app allows remote vehicle checking
› Audio and infotainment systems can be operated via voice or gesture control
› Eye Tracking controls the display of information on different screens by following the driver’s line of sight and warns of fatigue
› Heart rate monitor constantly tracks the driver’s pulse and, in emergencies, independently brings the vehicle to a halt at the roadside

The ŠKODA VISION E is equipped with the latest infotainment systems. All the capacitive touchscreens come in a ŠKODA-typical glass design. Thanks to a superfast LTE module and the most cutting-edge navigation system with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, which connects all of the occupants’ mobile devices, occupants of the ŠKODA VISION E are ‘always online’. The range of infotainment features is complemented by the ŠKODA mobile online services, which provide real-time navigation with alternative route suggestions, information, entertainment and assistance. In the event of an emergency, an emergency call is made automatically and, in case of a breakdown, the driver can request assistance by pushing a button. Via the ŠKODA Connect portal, the customer can even configure services from their home computer as well as transfer destinations, routes and points of interest to the car.

Online Traffic Information transfers traffic flow on the selected route to the car in real time and suggests alternative routes in the event of a traffic jam. The services also provide tailored information on parking spaces, news and the weather. Navigation in the ŠKODA VISION E uses photo-realistic map views; street views can be seen in the form of 360-degree panoramic images. Destinations are requested by text entry or voice control. If the driver is planning the route in advance from home, the ŠKODA Connect app informs about the best time to set off, in view of the current traffic flow.

The Care Connect services support the VISION E’s occupants in many situations. The data is transferred via a SIM card that is installed in the vehicle. If the restraint systems have been activated following an accident, the Emergency Call function establishes a voice and data connection to a dedicated emergency call centre and transfers all of the relevant information. The Emergency Call function can also be operated manually.

Using the Breakdown Call function, the driver can have technical questions answered or can request assistance in the event of a breakdown. With help of the Proactive Services feature, service appointments can be arranged with a dealership and vehicle-related data can be passed on to the garage.

Numerous online services can be run via the ŠKODA Connect app on a smartphone and allow the status of the car, e.g. whether it is locked and whether the lights are on, to be checked and managed remotely. The current range of the ŠKODA VISION E can also be accessed when away from the vehicle.

A new connectivity feature is individual car preconditioning. Playlists, auxiliary heating and navigation destinations, for instance, can be programmed prior to the journey also the electric range can be checked. A digital key on a smartphone, smartwatch or tablet can be used to open the car. In addition, the route planner can suggest routes based on the driver’s preferences. Information about the weather and traffic are also customised.

The ŠKODA VISION E’s display and operating concept also comprises new systems that optimise comfort and safety while driving. The innovative digital Human Machine Interface (HMI) system guarantees maximal flexibility when controlling numerous functions in the car. The infotainment, communication and navigation functions can be activated and controlled both with the help of a central control unit on the centre console or via the individual touchscreens.

In addition to this, the ŠKODA VISION E also features gesture control for selected functions. Defined hand movements performed by the driver in the area around the centre console are picked up and identified by a camera. This allows standardised instructions, such as adjusting the audio system’s volume or answering phone calls, to be given with simple hand and finger gestures, without the driver having to take their eyes off the road.

Furthermore, the concept car is equipped with a particularly advanced version of voice control. When selecting navigation destinations or infotainment programs, the driver can for example give instructions not only using predefined terms, but also by formulating them into full sentences. The system understands the context of these sentences and implements them.

Other new features available in the concept car include the Eye Tracking function, which constantly monitors the driver’s eye movements. Using this, the camera-based system is able to always display the information required by the driver at the right time and in a perfectly ergonomic position on one of the screens in the interior. For example, if the driver turns to the central in-car monitor to select their desired entertainment program, driving-related information and possible warning messages are also briefly displayed there. This enables the driver to see all the important information in front of them – even when they intermittently take their eyes off the road.

The Eye Tracking function can also be used to analyse how alert the driver is. When the driver’s concentration is waning, the Driver Fatigue Monitor is activated and prompts the driver to take a break. Another system that optimises safety and that is being introduced in the ŠKODA VISION E is the heart rate monitor, which constantly monitors the driver’s heart rate and warns them if it is at a dangerous level.

Comprehensive connectivity between the car, driver and passengers provides an extremely comfortable and safe journey. All of the connectivity features available offer improved access to information, a wide range of entertainment and an even higher level of safety. Via the car network, all ŠKODA VISION E passengers can send data such as route suggestions or playlists to the driver and communicate with each other as they like.

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