ŠKODA KAROQ Chassis and transmissions: Five driving modes and intelligent all-wheel drive

› Chassis has a sophisticated and harmonious design
› An all-rounder with off-road quality
› Dynamic Chassis Control for more safety and comfort
› Off-Road mode and Snow mode for improved traction in the all-wheel-drive variant
› Electromechanical parking brake prevents the ŠKODA KAROQ from rolling away

The chassis sets new benchmarks in the segment and also shows its quality when venturing off surfaced roads. Driving Mode Select with the Normal, Sport, Eco, Individual and Snow (4×4) modes is available as an optional extra from the Ambition trim level upwards. The Off-Road mode for all-wheel-drive vehicles further improves the driving characteristics when travelling off road.

The chassis of the ŠKODA KAROQ has a sophisticated and harmonious design. It gives the compact SUV distinct all-round characteristics including genuine off-road capabilities. One important factor for the well-balanced distribution of the load on the axles is the front axle, a MacPherson design with lower triangular wishbones and a subframe made from steel, which has been placed far forward. The front track measures 1,576 mm.

The four-link rear axle (in the all-wheel-drive variant) is largely made from high-strength steel; its track width is 1,541 mm. The sword-shaped trailing arms absorb the driving and braking forces. Three wishbones per wheel keep the wheels in the optimum position in relation to the road at all times and guarantee precise track guidance.

Thanks to Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC), the driver will have three chassis modes available in the compact ŠKODA KAROQ: Comfort, Standard and Sport. Electrically operated valves adjust the dampers’ settings. A control unit operates the valves depending on the road conditions, preferred driving style and the chosen mode. DCC contributes to active safety by automatically stiffening the shock absorbers in corners which are navigated particularly dynamically. This provides greater stability, better traction and shorter braking distances. DCC chassis control, including Driving Mode Select, will be available for the 1.5 TSI and the two 2.0 TDI versions from the Ambition trim level upwards.

With Driving Mode Select, the driver can change steering characteristics, operation of the DSG transmission, and the settings of other systems in the Normal, Eco, Sport, Individual and Snow modes. The individual settings are saved on the optional, personalisable key for up to three vehicle users.

The compact SUV’s all-wheel drive also ensures optimum handling on slippery terrain or when towing a particularly heavy trailer. It uses an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch. Various sensors (such as those for rpm at the wheels, steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, throttle position, rpm, torque etc.) continuously assess the driving situation and relay the measurements to the all-wheel-drive electronics, which then calculate and distribute the optimum amount of power.

Off-Road mode, which provides even better driving characteristics on rougher terrain, is an optional extra for the all-wheel-drive variants. To improve traction in Off-Road mode, the Traction Control System (TCS) permits a greater slip and the Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) reacts sharper and faster. Where necessary, Hill-Hold Control and Hill-Descent Control are also activated – the latter keeps the speed constant during the descent. The optional DCC shock absorbers change their characteristics, and the accelerator responds more gradually. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) varies its intensity, so that a wedge of earth can be formed in front of the wheels, thereby producing a braking effect.

In the Snow mode, the electronic assistance features are set to cope with low-grip surfaces. The operation of the ABS is similar to that in the Off-Road mode (making use of snow piled up in front of the slipping wheels).

Those who intend to use the ŠKODA KAROQ on rougher terrain will benefit from the Rough-Road package, which protects against mechanical damage (e.g. when hitting bumps or on gravel) and prevents dirt (dust, sand, mud) from getting into the engine bay or cable harnesses. The Rough-Road package consists of: an engine skid plate, cable protection, brake line protection and additional protective plastic covers.

The car comes with an electromechanical parking brake as standard. With its two electric motors, it is integrated into the braking system at the rear axle and can also be used as an emergency brake. In conjunction with the DSG transmission, it incorporates an Auto-Hold function. In traffic jams or stop-and-go situations, the Auto-Hold function keeps the vehicle stationary without the driver having to press the brake pedal. It is set or released using a button in the centre console.

The Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) provides additional traction support. It allows the driver to pull away smoothly and comfortably on road surfaces with varying grip. If a wheel is spinning, EDL applies the brakes selectively and ensures that power is transmitted to the wheel with better traction.

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