ŠKODA VISION E Driver assistance systems: Innovative technology for more safety and comfort

› Traffic Jam Assist accelerates or brakes automatically
› Autopilot for motorway driving steers, takes evasive action, brakes and accelerates independently
› Car Park Autopilot automatically searches for and guides the car to free parking spaces
› Travel Assist with Traffic Sign Recognition

The ŠKODA VISION E has numerous in-car safety systems which support the driver in any situation: when driving normally, during autonomous driving and when parking. Front Assist detects obstacles in front of the car and applies the brakes automatically when necessary. Blind Spot Detect and Rear Traffic Alert identify dangers outside of the driver’s field of view and emit a warning or even apply the brakes automatically. The system also accelerates or applies the brakes when required in traffic jams or when driving. Various parking assistance systems not only guide the car to available parking spaces but also reverse the car out of a parking space automatically.

The ŠKODA VISION E is equipped with numerous assistance systems which increase safety and comfort. Already available for many of the current ŠKODA models today. They include Front Assist including City Emergency Brake function with Predictive Pedestrian Protection, which detects obstacles in front of the vehicle via radar and automatically applies the brakes if required. Blind Spot Detect warns the driver not to change lane when there is a vehicle in their blind spot. This also applies when driving out of parallel parking spaces. Another safety system provides assistance when reversing out of parking spaces: Rear Traffic Alert, the ‘eyes’ at the rear of the car. It uses radar sensors to detect approaching vehicles, warns the driver and automatically applies the brakes. Parking manoeuvres can also be performed automatically: Park Assist automatically guides the car in and out of parking spaces.

In moving traffic, Adaptive Cruise Control keeps the car at a safe distance from the vehicle in front, Lane Assist prevents the car from deviating from its lane, and the Driver Alert fatigue detection system detects signs that the driver is losing concentration and prompts them to take a break. Travel Assist with Traffic Sign Recognition is also active in the ŠKODA VISION E. Other features on board include Traffic Jam Assist, which automatically accelerates or applies the brakes, as well as the autopilot for motorway driving, which steers, takes evasive action, brakes and accelerates independently (provided that the motorway fulfils the conditions for autonomous driving).

Car Park Autopilot is particularly helpful in busy towns and cities. The system automatically searches for and guides the car to free parking spaces. The Intelligent Parking function can do even more: it memorises and finds the driver’s preferred parking locations.

The ŠKODA VISION E features various laser and radar scanners around the vehicle: long-distance laser scanners and a 3D camera for monitoring the environment in autonomous driving operation, radar sensors for detecting vehicles and obstacles at mid-range distances as well as radar scanners for shorter distances. All of the sensors and scanners work together with the different assistance systems. The data is processed by an analysis and control unit with an extremely large amount of processing power.

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