ŠKODA KAROQ Equipment: Digital in-car instrument panel is making its debut

› The digital instrument panel offers a choice of four display layouts
› Personalisable key
› Heated front and rear seats, as well as a heated steering wheel rim
› Headlights and tail lights with LED technology
› LED ambient lighting in the interior
› In combination with the VarioFlex rear seats, the luggage compartment holds up to 588 litres
› ‘Simply Clever‘: electrically opening tailgate with the Virtual Pedal, electrically retractable tow bar

The compact ŠKODA KAROQ SUV is an all-rounder for the family, business, everyday life and leisure time. Besides the generous amount of interior space, state-of-the-art technology and well-thought-out equipment emphasise the car’s practicality and functionality. Headlights and tail lights feature LED technology; LED ambient lighting in the interior creates a relaxing atmosphere. The digital instrument panel makes its debut in a ŠKODA. The driver can program the digital display to suit their preferences. The heated front and rear seats and the Phonebox in the centre console for the wireless charging of smartphones are further technological highlights. As an option, ŠKODA offers a heated steering wheel. In addition, some 20 ‘Simply Clever’ features are optionally available on board.

The digital instrument panel is available for the first time in a ŠKODA. Four display layouts can be programmed.

› The Classic layout presents both the rev counter and speedometer as round instruments on the right and left of the display. The area between them can be individually configured – for example, with a display of the entertainment program currently running or the map, which can also be zoomed in.

› The Extended layout provides a main display covering the entire width of the panel – for example, the entertainment program currently running or the map. Above and below this, there is still space for small digital displays. For example, the current speed, the recommended gear, Traffic Sign Recognition, the remaining distance to be covered, the distance to the next junction on the programmed route or the distance already covered.

› The Modern layout features a large display in the middle that can show the map, for example. To the left, right and above the map there is space for additional customised information. This could be the current speed, a navigational display with pictograms, a gear indicator, Traffic Sign Recognition (e.g. speed limit, restrictions on overtaking) or the journey time – to name just a few options.

› The Basic layout provides two large displays showing the selected information. For example, these could be the current speed and the vehicle’s remaining range. Additionally, selected basic information (time etc.) is presented at the top and the bottom of the display. When route guidance is on, the navigation arrow is displayed in the centre.

These four layouts only provide the structure of the panel. The driver can use a scroll button in the interactive display of the Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB) to set which displays appear in which area of the panel and to set their sizes. Information about the audio system, the phone, the assistance systems (Lane Assist, Front Assist etc.) or the status of the vehicle can also be set to appear to the right, to the left, or centrally.

The car comes with another two innovative features: the heated steering wheel and three personalisable keys. As soon as a certain driver unlocks the car, their individual settings are selected. These cover a wide range of operating areas, including driving profile selection, assistance systems, indoor and outdoor lighting, Climatronic, infotainment systems and electrically adjustable seats. In addition, the front and rear seats are heated. As an option, the ŠKODA KAROQ can be also fitted with an auxiliary heating.

The ŠKODA engineers dedicated meticulous attention to detail when it came to the lights. As an option from the Ambition trim level upwards, the ŠKODA KAROQ can be fitted with full-LED headlights in a clear glass design. Standard equipment includes LED tail and brake lights, indicators (bulb) and reversing lights (bulb), rear fog lights (integrated into the bumper’s lower reflector) and a number plate light. Full-LED fog lights with cornering function are available as an option, either as part of a package or as an individual option. With Light Assist, a sensor continuously assesses the light conditions and automatically switches the headlights between daytime running light and dipped beam as required. This works in twilight as well as when driving through forests or tunnels. The lights are also turned on automatically as soon as the windscreen wipers are operated. The multifunctional camera used by the dynamic Light Assist feature detects oncoming traffic and vehicles ahead and ensures that in these situations the high beam is automatically turned off and on.

The Coming Home and Leaving Home functions provide lighting for a defined period of time, and the car’s immediate surroundings are lit so occupants can safely get in and out of the car. In addition, when opening a door the ŠKODA logo is projected onto the floor (a part of the LED package as an option for Ambition and Style trim levels).

In the interior, the new LED ambient lighting in the decorative strips incorporated into the doors and instrument panel, which can be set to one of ten colours, provides an impressive atmosphere (a part of the LED package as an option for Ambition and Style trim levels).

‘Simply Clever‘ has become synonymous with the ŠKODA brand. There are many practical features which increase comfort for the passengers on board. The numerous features contribute to the versatility of this compact SUV. Some 20 ‘Simply Clever‘ features are optionally available on board.

List of the most important ‘Simply Clever‘ features:

› Removable LED flashlight in the luggage compartment
› Rubbish bin in the door panel
› Tablet holders (1x rear seats and 1x rear central armrest)
› Ticket holder
› Umbrella under the front-passenger seat
› Misfuelling prevention device (diesel engines only)
› Rollo in the boot – fastening on the lid
› Net programme in the luggage compartment
› 1.5-l bottle holder – front and rear door
› High-vis-vest storage compartment
› Easy-Open one-handed bottle opening in the front multifunction cup holder
› Virtual Pedal (only in combination with el. opening tailgate and Kessy)
› 230 V socket with 2x USB (front and rear)
› Electrically retractable tow bar

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