ŠKODA Connect and infotainment: At the top of its segment – ‘Always online’ with ŠKODA Connect

› A choice of four infotainment systems
› Gesture control feature for selected functions
› Mobile online services in addition to the infotainment offering
› Care Connect: automatic Emergency Call and Breakdown Call at the push of a button
› Real-time navigation with alternative route suggestions
› Services for remote vehicle access
› ŠKODA Connect portal brings Connect services to the customer’s home computer

Thanks to ŠKODA Connect, occupants are ‘always online’ with the new mobile online services. The intuitive systems are divided into two categories: the Infotainment Online services providing entertainment and information, and the Care Connect services providing support and assistance. The offering includes real-time navigation with recommended diversions in the event of a traffic jam, an automatic Emergency Call and the Parking Location function, which guides the driver to the car. Journeys can be programmed at home and transferred to the vehicle online. Gesture control, which makes it easier to operate selected functions, is also new.

Infotainment systems are broad and diverse, work quickly, offer numerous functions and interfaces, and with exception of the Infotainment system Swing are all equipped with capacitive touchscreens.

Four hardware components are available: the Swing (standard) and Bolero infotainment systems as well as the Amundsen and Columbus navigation infotainment systems. The optional Bolero, Amundsen and Columbus infotainment systems’ screens in the new glass design enhance the high-quality instrument panel.

In addition to the display and operating concept, the compact SUV has a gesture control feature for selected functions (available for the Columbus navigation infotainment system). A proximity sensor detects and identifies defined hand movements that the driver makes around the centre console. This allows the driver to scroll through the menu of the infotainment system using hand gestures, without having to take their eyes off the road.

The Mobile Online Services from ŠKODA Connect provide extensive additions to the infotainment offering. Infotainment Online services provide information and entertainment, and the Care Connect services provide support in numerous situations as well as remote vehicle access. Online Traffic Information is an important part of the Mobile Online Services: it displays the current traffic flow on the selected journey and suggests alternative routes in the event of a traffic jam. Additionally, the services provide tailored information about nearby petrol stations (incl. current fuel prices along the chosen route), parking spaces, news and the weather.

The Care Connect services support the driver in many situations and are available for all infotainment systems. The services include the automatic Emergency Call and Proactive Service (can be used to arrange and prepare for a vehicle service appointment) functions as well as remote vehicle access.

The automatic Emergency Call function is particularly important. Emergency Call is automatically activated after a restraint system, such as an airbag, has been deployed. The car establishes a voice and data connection to an emergency call centre and transfers all of the necessary information. The driver or passengers can also trigger the Emergency Call manually via a button in the roof module.

The driver can also make a Breakdown Call via a button in the roof module. The third button in this module, displaying an ‘i’, connects an Info Call – which, for example, can be used to ask experts in the customer call centre technical questions about the vehicle.

The ŠKODA Care Connect services in the ŠKODA KAROQ also include the services for remote vehicle access, which are available via the ŠKODA Connect app, i.e. on the user’s smartphone. Here, the Vehicle Status service remotely provides information about the status of the lights and fuel level as well as whether the windows, doors or sunroof are open. The auxiliary heating can be controlled with the smartphone as well. The Parking Location function shows the location of the car, and the Honk & Flash function makes it even easier to find the car by activating its horn and hazard warning lights.

Don’t want the car to leave a predefined area or be driven at a speed exceeding 130 km/h? The Area Notification and Speed Notification functions inform the owner if this occurs against their wishes. The Driving Data function rounds off the portfolio.

The ŠKODA Connect app is complemented by the ŠKODA Connect portal, which brings the ŠKODA Connect services to the customer’s home computer. The portal can be used to configure services as well as transfer destinations and routes to the car.

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